As you may know, everyone with ISDN30 will have to upgrade it to VoIP by 2025 as it is being withdrawn by BT Openreach.

As it stands right now (May 2020) around half of all businesses and organisations have upgraded to VoIP and half have yet to do so.

Upgrading is easy if you know what you are doing or you pick a supplier that has lots of experience in upgrade projects. We have been in Telecoms since 1998 so we have plenty!

What is VoIP?

VoIP is Voice over internet protocol.

It is simply sending voice traffic over a data connection. In other words it uses your internet connection for voice, rather than an old circuit-switched ISDN connection.

And it works perfectly well as long as you have a decent connection with decent speed. Indeed, call quality on VoIP should be better than ISDN if installed properly.

What are the VoIP options?

You have 2 choices.

You either retain your phone system control unit and port your numbers from ISDN30 to a new SIP trunk. This merely connects to your phone system in a similar way to how your ISDN30 connected. You may need extra hardware and software for your phone system.

Or you can port your numbers to a hosted phone system which means you no longer need your phone system in the office.

There are many different suppliers of SIP trunks and many different suppliers of hosted phone systems.

We stick with the market leaders for both, which is Gamma.

How does the upgrade work?

Your supplier should manage the project for you.

It should be seamless with zero disruption….but that depends on how ‘on the ball’ your supplier is!

You need to be out of contract on your ISDN on the day you changeover. Otherwise, the port order may be rejected. So check your contract terms. We would normally advise customers through this so there are no problems.

The port order normally takes around 3 weeks so there is plenty of time for your supplier to get your SIP trunk or hosted phone system ready for the port.

Then, on the day, normally around lunchtime, the ISDN will stop working and the SIP trunk or hosted phone system will be live with your numbers ported successfully.

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